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Why we suggest different food amounts for different adult dogs?

Check out our calculator on the homepage for a basic guide on how much to feed... and how much it costs

The answer to this one depends on what kind of raw feeder you are. If you are opting for a 100% fresh diet for your dog, you can rest assured that our food provides them with all the healthy vitamins, minerals and natural oils they need to keep grow and keep healthy.

The amount to feed each dog depends on several factors including weight, breed, age, environment and activity levels. 

  • Adult pet dogs, those at home living an easy life, need to eat 2-3% of their body weight per day. Using this rule, an adult dog working dog weighing 10kg should be severed 200-300g of our food a day (we recommend starting at the lower amount and adjusting this as needed)
  • Active working dogs need more food… their high energy lives burn more calories than a pet dog and this needs supporting with a larger daily intake of food, ranging from 2.5-5% per day
  • As a responsible owner you are already watching your dog’s with and understand that their food intake may need to be adjusted if they are looking a little heavy or a little too lean

It may look like a lot less food if you are moving from a kibble diet to 100% raw. Don’t worry. Your dog IS getting the nutrition they need. Remember, when you were feeding kibble and your dog went for a big poo, that was undigested filler (such as wheat, corn starch, maize, rice etc) which you paid for! 

 Changing your dog’s diet to raw is easy and just takes a couple of tweaks to your daily schedule.