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Did you know that rawhide chews are bad for your dogs?

Rawhide chews are one of the most popular chews for dogs. Many dogs can chew on rawhide for hours at a time, but did you know they can be dangerous? For example, when they are chewed too much they go soft and become wet and sticky, posing a choking hazard. 

Many pet owners believe that rawhide is a dried up meat chew stick or a by-product of the beef industry, but this is not the case.

A rawhide chew is actually a by-product of the leather industry (briefly explain how its made eg chemicals etc), so it is essentially a leather chemical laden chew. Yuck! Did you know that when tested, scientists have found lead, arsenic, mercury, and other toxic chemicals in rawhide chews? These will cause negative long-term health effects to your dogs. 

What can you give your dogs instead of rawhide?

We suggest treating your dogs with Poppy's Picnic's natural, tasty and delicious recreational bones:

Meaty Beef Knuckles

Beef Marrow Bones

Dragon Skins (to exfoliate plaque)

Feeding bones is a great way to give your dog an appealing healthy snack, cleaner teeth, fresh breath, a good jaw workout… and a bit of chewing fun. 

* ALWAYS supervise your dog with any chews or bones, never leave them alone. 

These are recreational bones for chewing not really eating, bones like ribs, shines & backs are edible bones.Raw bones are full of vital minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, glucosamine, fat-soluble vitamins (including A, D, E and K) and essential amino acids.