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Can switching to raw food cause constipation?

We get this question from a lot of customers who are new to raw food, so we're more than happy to explain this!

Many pet owners expect normal bowel movements when feeding dogs raw meat so when their dogs experience constipation or diarrhea, they become worried this is a major problem - which is not the case.

When dogs eat fresh, high quality raw meat and bones - most of it are digested and their stool becomes dry and firm. It doesn't come out loose and slimy like they would if they they survived on kibble. So because of the change, some dogs tend to strain more as their bum muscles are not used to this before. This is indeed a good thing. 

There are some natural ways to help these symptoms:

  • Try adding 5% of butternut squash or pumpkin (can buy a can from supermarket – and freeze the rest) to the meal - so if you're feeding 100g, add 5g.
  • Make sure your dog gets their daily exercise - every dog would enjoy a brisk walk and some fresh air 

However, if your dog continues to strain a lot but only producing a small stool after a long time, they might be experiencing some other gastrointestinal problems - in which you should consult your vet. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have further for questions: or 01380 716 59