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Why do we make our food as mince and meatballs?

We have worked closely with our butchers and canine nutrition experts to make sure that the size, taste, texture and quality of food we make is best for your dog and easiest for you. It gives them an eating experience as much as a meal.

Our fresh raw dog food is minced to a nice texture - it's not sloppy or pasty. You can buy our food in packs of mince (450g) or meatballs (360g). 

The large mince packs are great for medium to large dogs who need more food per day, or for multi-dog households. 

For smaller built dogs, we recommend feeding them meatballs as this does not require you to defrost the entire mince pack and worry about keeping it fresh - meaning no wastage! 

Our meatballs are also a great way to add some occasional fresh food to a kibble diet if feeding 100% raw is not for you... after all, some fresh food is better than none!