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Pet Food and Working Dog Food - what are the different needs of working dogs and pets?

We currently have two ranges and are developing many to help dogs live strong, healthy and rewarding lives. From dogs that help farmers in the fields, to those that sleep all day next to the Aga, from those that are policing our airports, to those that our our best friend - we have a range that caters for their needs.


Active working dogs need proper meat protein for energy and strength. The fillers and grains in processed foods can make a dog sluggish, sleepy and slow - simply by removing these from their diet and providing fresh raw meat can have a drastic effect on their condition. It can also help them lose excess body fat and improve muscle tone.

Our COMPLETE range is ideal for working dogs contains higher protein levels, appropriate to a dog’s working life, optimising condition and improving health. Our team of experts have created a premium, wholesome and nutritious raw food to keep them active when needs change.


Pet dogs at home need a correctly balanced diet to maintain their health. Just as our own lifestyles have changed, our pets' lifestyles have too, with a complex range of factors now contributing to their wellbeing. Pet owners are finding themselves making regular trips to their vets with skin or coat, digestive or behavioural issues that can be linked back to their dog’s diet. 

Developed by our team of experts, the ENHANCED range is a nutritional world first for our four-legged friends. Our ENHANCED raw food is handmade with fresh British human-grade ingredients, such as fresh chicken, kidney and liver, then boosted with berries, seeds and botanicals to provide valuable additional support for your dog’s health.

With ingredients such as camomile & milk thistle for digestion, celery & hemp seeds for joint care, and echinacea & tumeric for protection – by feeding this biologically appropriate ENHANCED food you are giving your best friend optimised nutrition for a wholesome, healthy life.

Suitable for dogs of all ages and delivered directly to your door: simply defrost and serve. Forget simplicity, this is RAWPLICITY!