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My dog loves your pigs ears but they are a little big - is there anything I can do?

If you have a smaller dog - no proble! Slightly defrost one of the pig ears and cut it in half. Let one half defrost completely and store the other half back in the freezer as a treat another time!

Our Pigs Ears 100% Natural are a delicious, natural and wholesome treat for your dog. They are completely natural and raw - they are NOT air dried!

Feeding pigs ears is a great way to give your dog an appealing healthy snack and a good jaw workout… and a bit of chewing fun. It also helps relax them, allowing them to focus on a calm action for a while – think of it as canine mindfulness. 

Their thick hide and density make pig ears easy to chew for small, delicate chewers and older dogs. Pig ear chews are also odorless even while your dog chews them.

Not only will they keep your dog entertained but also the high proportion of cartilage will strengthen their chewing muscles and help clean teeth. They are also a fantastic source of glucosamine and chondroitin which help joints and connective tissue.