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Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order is 16 packs of our fresh, raw dog food so we can keep the food frozen in transit as we want it to arrive to you as fresh as possible.

Orders less 16 packs can be picked up for free from the Poppy Picnic HQ in Bromham. If you would like your order sent by next day courier, just place your order before 12pm on Monday to Thursday. 

  1. Less than 6kg = order more (than 16 packs) or you can pickup from Poppy’s Picnic HQ in Bromham, Wiltshire
  2. 6kg – 16.2kg = £5.00
  3. over 16.2kg – 24kg = £7.50
  4. over 24kg – 40kg = £10.00 and 25p for every kg over 40kg

We do not make money on the packaging and shipping costs.

We also sell our fresh, raw dog food through various stockists around in the UK. There is NO minimum order when you purchase from them. Click here to find one near you.

If you are a lovely trade customer, please get in touch with Fiona, our lovely Trade and VIP Services lady via email at today.