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Do you do samples of your food?

We don't do samples I’m afraid. 

To keep our fresh food in the best and safest condition possible, the minimum packs you can order is 16. This allows us to give a 48-hour guarantee on the food for all customers when it is being delivered. 

We also think it takes 1-2 weeks to allow your dog to adjust to our food and for you to start seeing the changes within your dog as well. So, a 16 hamper normally provides this time frame. 

However, we do get a lot of people asking to just try the food to see if their dog even likes it, so we are currently looking at starting a trial box so we are working on finding the correct packaging to allow us to have this 48-hour guarantee on such a small product (which is harder than we thought!).

Hopefully in the near future we will have one but at the moment we only have the 16 pack hamper which we recommend anyway for starting your dog on fresh raw.