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Can I choose the delivery time?

I'm afraid we don't have this option at the moment for deliveries. Our courier, DPD will text you on the day of delivery with an hour’s time slot. 

If you are not in, they will leave the hamper in a safe place of your choosing e.g. in front of the garage, with a neighbour. The insulated boxes are designed to last 48 hours and keep the raw food at the correct low temperature to go back into the freezer once received. 

Don't worry if only one pack in your box is still frozen but the rest are cold to the touch as this means all the food is still below 4 degrees celcius and are safe to pop straight into the freezer. 

As long as you are back at some point that day the food will be perfectly fine to use.

 If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to email or call our friendly VIP (Very Important Paws) Team on or 01380 716 599.